The industry is changing

A visionary company that excels in inkjet solutions

The Printing and Graphic Arts Industry is changing!

  • Print jobs are getting more complex and run lengths are decreasing.
  • The number of individual jobs is increasing.
  • SLA’s are getting tighter and more complex.
  • Insistence on variable-data print.
  • Greater need for flexibility

All resulting in increased pressure on your production teams.

  • What investment is needed to grow your business? Is now the ideal time to explore the many and varied possibilities of a Production Ink Jet Printer?
  • Can you grasp the opportunity to evaluate your current paper portfolio? How do you assess and certify the performance of alternative papers?
  • Do you challenge your sales team to deeply understand the needs of your clients and how modern technology aids this? Are all your production staff aligned to the needs of your clients by utilising the latest print technologies?
  • We can customise training for your clients and employees that range from the basics of Ink Jet Print to the more complicated and scientific outcomes desirable to your customers.

By sharing 25 years of experience in paper and printing technologies. Cees is the ideal partner to help you overcome all of these challenges. To understand how we can offer value, benefit and assistance to your business read more about the independent production inkjet consultant with a capital C. The C is Cees. A visionary company that excels in technological and inkjet solutions.